Among the main beach destinations in the Mexican Republic are:

  • Cancun in Quintana Roo
  • Los Cabos in Baja California Sur and
  • The Bay of Banderas shared by the states of Jalisco and Nayarit

Mexico has 11 122 km of continental coastline bathed by two great oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. Due to this, it is therefore also one of the continental territories most prone to the attacks of meteorological phenomena in coastal areas, since seventeen states have a coastline and fifteen do not.

The largest coastline corresponds to the Pacific, which bathes 10 states and has a length of 7,828 km.

The Banderas Bay shared by the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, in addition to having a great diversity of marine / terrestrial flora and fauna, is the largest bay in the country due to its 42 km length and one of the most privileged areas in terms of geographic because it is surrounded by the western Sierra Madre that “embraces” and naturally protects Puerto Vallarta and much of the Riviera Nayarit.

Thanks to this, the bay in question is today one of the most profitable areas in terms of tourism and therefore real estate, since it statistically represents, among other aspects, the safest area in terms of weather as a decisive point to invest, therefore, of these three points mentioned above and according to the records of the National Water Commission, the Bay of Banderas registers only 10% of the meteorological phenomena annually, for 50% of the Baja California peninsula (Los Cabos) and 40% of the Yucatan peninsula (Cancun).

So the next time you consider investing in a beach destination you will know that this privileged Bahia is one of the most beautiful, safe and profitable points in Mexico.




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